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ZerwickRick Zerwick has been involved with car restoration and engine building all his adult life, taking his passion and turning it into a successful career since 1968. Well known and highly respected in the competitive restoration industry, he also lends his expertise to various local motor manufacturing companies in general service management, service operations positions and dealer principals.

Rick’s son Karel, 44, joined ZAE when he graduated in 1995, after completing his higher technical education and trade diploma in auto mechanics. He is highly skilled at body fabrication and paintwork and assists Rick with car assembly.

Together Rick and Karel form a formidable and highly professional car restoration team, supported by their senior staff (who bring their own collective experience to the workshop) and younger members who back them up with their youthful enthusiasm and willingness to learn the necessary skills of the trade.

ZAE has vast experience in working on Aston Martins, and has made a name for itself as a leader in restoration of these rare intricately built classics with hand-worked aluminium bodies. Rick: “The knowledge and experience gained restoring Aston Martins places us in a very competitive position along other UK restorers. Having the same suppliers, we are assured of a constant, correct supply of parts, and we are proud to say that our end-product quality standard has been proven to be equal to that of our UK counterparts. Why? Because we don’t settle for anything less than ‘better than best’ results.”

As a team, our collective knowledge and product experience is further supported by various other trade specialists, motoring journalists and ‘petrol heads’.

Past restoration projects include:

  • Aston Martin DB2 Mk. 2, DB 2/4 Mk. 3, DB 6 Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 and Volante, DB 4 and 5, DBS (nine to date)
  • Rolls Royce, Vintage Bentley 4 ½ litre, Vintage Morgan
  • Jaguars XK 120, 140 and 150, E-Type Mk 1 and Mk.2, Jaguar Saloons Mk.7 and Mk.8, XJ Series, XJS Series
  • MGA, MGB and MG-TC
  • Austin Healey BN1, 2, 4 and 6
  • Lotus Esprit
  • Mercedes Benz 170, 220, 190SL and 280SL
  • Nissan, Datsun, Renault Gordini, Mustang, Alfa, Vintage Riley, Mini and Cooper as well as numerous other models

Many of these ZAE-restored cars now reside around the world ̶ in the UK, Belgium, Australia, USA, The United Arab Emirates and of course, Africa. Each car comes with a comprehensive ZAE picture gallery, and on completion of each project, a downloaded picture file of completed work is presented to the client together with a ZAE restoration certificate and a ‘restoration work done’ file.

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