At ZAE we have a long and successful track record in South Africa and since we have expanded our business overseas to include foreign clients, we are earning a sterling reputation there too.

In recent years ZAE has formed networks with many overseas suppliers and established long-lasting relationships with them. This provides additional support for our business and has helped us to ensure that authenticity is maintained. ‘’As a family we will not allow our total commitment to our honesty and integrity to be compromised in any way, and we are committed to using original parts wherever possible,’’ says Rick.

As a team, our collective knowledge and product experience is further supported by various other trade specialists, motoring journalists and ‘petrol heads,’ who believe in the high quality of our workmanship. We do not stand alone.

We plan to expand our business further by doing more specialist work internally


For serious potential foreign customers, we can provide you with our ‘Restoration Portfolio for Overseas Customers’ document, at our discretion. It contains all the details relating to a restoration that will be performed by ZAE in South Africa on a UK- or Europe-based car. It provides details about all the import and return procedures, customs ruling and securities, owner visits to SA, finances, as well as our specialised restoration contract and a ‘Work to be Done’ agreement.

It also contains other personal information that clarifies the project sequence for potential overseas customers.

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