Aston Martin DB5

In the 1977 James Bond film, The spy who loved me, Bond drove a customised Lotus Esprit (dubbed Wet Nellie), that could go under water like a submarine. This car (an Aston Martin) stood in a flooded basement (submerged in water up to wheel hub-height) in a town in Louisiana, USA, for more than seven years! Subjected to the salty water and humidity, it’s no surprise it decayed so badly. The picture gallery gives some insight into the kind of rot and decay this car had to endure. ZAE was approached by a very kind Belgian customer in an attempt to save the car. This was one of our proudest and most satisfying projects, and the restored car is a testament to our commitment to do the very best fabrication and building work. ZAE built a completely new chassis, using original panel drawings and templates as a reference  ̶  the end result was absolutely accurate, from the panels to the bracket beams and braces. This was a two-year project, and the customer’s support was much appreciated.

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